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Tile and Grout

Floor CleaningTile and Grout Before and After

High-Pressure Cleaning

Tiles and stones are a popular surface in heavily-trafficked areas like kitchens, foyers, and family rooms. Dirt and grime accumulate over time in tile and grout just as they do in carpets. The build up allows bacteria to deeply penetrate the porous areas of your floor and the unsightly discoloration is the result. You may have forgotten that black is not the original color of your grout!

Mopping your floor surface with traditional cleaning products spreads the dirt around and removes only what sticks to the mop. Pro Cleaning Solutions employs state-of-the art methods, equipment, and cleaning processes to remove the spots, stains, and buildups. Our tile and grout specialist will use high-pressure rinse, extraction, and a special grout brush to have your floor looking like new.

Professional Service.

We provide the best cleaning process available for your tile and grout. We clean a variety of surfaces. Our sealers help to prevent future re-entry of contaminants. Because our motto is “We Set Standards,” the service professionals at Pro Cleaning Solutions provide unparalleled experience, knowledge, and commitment to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Floor CleaningYour tile and grout require daily, weekly, and monthly attention. Sweeping, mopping and scrubbing can help, but elbow grease has its limits. Now is the time to reach out for professional service. Your floors will sparkle better than they have in years.

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